So, according to website called Zippia, and reported on by News Center Maine, the most googled holiday dish in the state of Maine is not turkey.

It's not cranberry sauce; it's not mashed potatoes even. It's a side salad. There's a lot of healthy eaters here, a lot of kale, but a side salad?

This might be the most important question you get asked today...

What is your favorite Thanksgiving Day side?

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Posted by KPRC2 Britta Merwin on Tuesday, 10 November 2020

This cant be right! We may as well throw out the whole Turkey away and have greens for the entire meal. Other states get staples like Green Bean Casserole, Corn, Mashed potatoes, White gravy, rolls and, macaroni & cheese. But we get Salad.

But yet we still have friends for some reason. Am I out of my mind? Or is it one person hitting refresh on Google every two minutes to give this result? What are your thoughts? Also, let me know what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is.

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