Gifford's is now the offical ice cream of the Boston Celtics and ice cream stands open Friday!


Full Quart Pretz has vanialla ice cream, chocolate covered pretzel balls, chocolate caramel cups and caramel ripple. It makes perfect sense. The ice cream that started in a small town in Maine is made in New England for New England. Partnering with the Celtics had to happen. Gifford's already has parterned with the Bruins and of course, the Celtics were next!


But that's not all. All 5 Gifford's family owned ice cream stands will open Friday March 19th! Social distancing is still in place - but you're gonna wanna grab your Bean boots and get some of the new flavors! They start scooping at noon. There are 5 new flavors!

  • Full Quart Pretz: celebrating the Celtics with vanilla ice cream, chocolate covered pretzel balls, chocolate caramel cups and caramel ripple
  • Scoop-A-Snack: light chocolate-y malt ice cream with a pretzel ripple and delicious candy-coated mini chocolate chips
  • Cannoli: sweet ricotta ice cream chock full of tiny chocolate chips and crispy pieces of cannoli pastry
  • Lemon-Lime Summertime lemon-lime egg custard ice cream is mixed with crumbled vanilla sandwich cookies then marbled with a pretzel ripple
  • Cake Batterchocolate frosting swirled through yellow cake batter ice cream and shortcake chunks

Gifford's knows we could use a little something to look forward to! Ice cream is a great thing to get excited about - especially since it's Gifford's! Gifford's is a fifth-generation, family-owned company still making ice cream the way it's supposed to be made.

Gifford's had to postpone two anniversary milestones in 2020. The Skowhegan stand, Gifford's first, is celebrating 40 years and the Watervill stand is celebrating more than 30 years! They will be celebrating with discounts and surprises throughout the season! Yay! This makes me so happy!!



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