Thrillist has become known on the internet for putting together lists based on data, facts, and trends. But occasionally, Thrillist will put together a list that is kind of just an opinion. Like for instance their latest, "The Most Underrated City In Every State".

Ok, so answer the question before we answer it for you. What is the most underrated city in Maine? Some small town that sits on the coast with beautiful handmade cottages and a bakery that's been around for a century? How about a town in northern Maine that has a rich cultural history that is often overlooked? Could be interesting. But instead, Thrillist chose....Lewiston. Yes, Lewiston is Maine's most underrated city.

Let's make a case for this being right. Lewiston has been dogged by a bad reputation for decades now. Despite crime statistics, education statistics, diversity statistics and almost any other statistic you can dig up saying the opposite. Even with all those growing positives, if you took a quick poll of Mainers, we have a hard time believing anyone outside of Lewiston would have thrown that out as their top choice.

Thrillist states that Lewiston isn't appreciated enough based on its incredible vendors. Like Quoddy, who makes hand-stitched moccasins that are truly amazing. Or Labadie's Bakery, the inventor of the modern day whoopie pie. Thrillist left out Baxter Brewing, which took canning beer to another level here in Maine which probably would have a little more icing on their cake. Compelling case for Lewiston? Sure.

But what do you think? Is Lewiston really the most underrated city in Maine?

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