A quick trip around Lewiston and you'll notice that there are quite a few mom-and-pop joints that have been serving up good food to locals for years. None of them have been doing it quite as long as Simones' Hot Dog Stand, a family-owned staple of Lewiston's downtown district that has become more than just an iconic Maine restaurant. it's become known worldwide.

What Makes Simones' Hot Dog Stand So Famous?

In recent years, accolades have been the name of the game for Simones'. In 2015, Thrillist named Simones' one of the best of hot dog stands in the world. In 2018, People Magazine featured Simones' and named it the best hot dog stand in all of Maine. Before those accolades though, Simones' was a must-stop for people passing through Lewiston. For decades, it was a place politicians met when working in the city. In the 60's and 70's, rock bands who played in Lewiston almost always made a trip to Simones'. The hot dog stand was founded in 1908 and still maintains a loyal following today.

What Should I Eat If I Visit Simones'?

The obvious answer is a hot dog. It IS a hot dog stand after all. Simones' serves up their classic steamed red snapper with the fixings that just can't be beat. But if hot dogs aren't your game, Simones' boasts an extensive menu of other offerings, including several breakfast options. One thing you'll notice about the menu is the prices. Simones' has managed to navigate the fine line between keeping their food affordable while keeping the quality high.

Where Can I Find This Hot Dog Stand?

if you're driving too fast, you'll definitely miss it. Simones' Hot Dog Stand is located at 19 Chestnut Street in Lewiston. If you're looking for the perfect time to visit, Wednesday is hot dog day at Simones', the perfect time to load up your plate with their classic steamers.

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