With my boyfriend still residing in Boston, I've been hitting I-95 rather frequently to pay him visits. The drive can get a little monotonous, but I always pep up when I see Maine's welcome signs, both coming and going.

Upon leaving Maine, our friendly farewell sign reads, "Worth a visit. Worth a lifetime." On the way back, when you first enter the state crossing the Piscataqua River, you see a sign that read, "Now entering Maine: Vacationland" which gets you off to a good start. Just a couple miles later, you pass a second welcome sign that expounds a bit on what Maine's all about:

"The Way Life Should Be". Doesn't that make you wanna move here immediately? It's sure made me!

I'm from Idaho, and our welcome signs don't have so much as a picture of a potato; just a cool font for the name of the state. This got me wondering what other states have decided to say on their first impression signs. You can see the full list of all 50 United States right here, complete with pictures! The only two that rival Maine's in my book is "Connecticut: we're full of surprises" ironically printed in block letters on a boring blue sign, and "Mississippi: It's like coming home"... maybe for people from the South, Mississippi. Nice try.

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