You'll never believe what Samantha Ramsdell did to reach the finals!


Who the hell is Samantha Ramsdell?  Sam is an incredibly talented woman from Scarborough, Maine. Sure she has a huge, uh, gaping mouth - but also sings, is funny, witty, and wicked nice! She can thank Covid for her huge success on TikTok. She moved from Scarborough to try and make it big in NYC! And just about the time she was going for it, Covid hit!

That shut the world down and her opportunities - and that's just about the time that TikTok exploded and so did Sam and her funny slant on life and her big ol' mouth!

Samantha Ramsdell
Samantha Ramsdell

It's also been made official that yes, Sam DOES have the world's largest mouth!


But the even bigger news is that she can finally reveal that she has been competing in Italy's version of 'America's Got Talent'. She decided to combine her two strongest talents - singing and stuffing large things into her mouth. Look at the judge's absolute confusion!


Yup. That's our Sam. Tik Tok sensation, internet influencer, a hell of a singer, and one giant face hole.

She IS heading to the finals of 'Italy's Got Talent'. We will keep you updated on her progress. She is the most fun person to follow. Gotta love Mainers who are doing it right!



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