People are freaked out by some guy going door to door asking to fingerprint kids. And guess what...he's legit!



So people have been taking to Facebook to warn about this man who apparently didn't have proper identification. Hancock County Sheriff's Deputies caught up with him this week.

They verified the company he works for (but did not say who that was on Facebook). They also identified the guys (and again, did not say who he was on Facebook). But did say that he is legit and the company he works for is real and legitimate.


They called the company and told them that this guy is freaking out people and they said they would make sure changes happened.

Police say there is no need to worry.

Uh..I'd be less worried if you told me exactly who this guy is and who he is working for. If someone came to my house wanting to fingerprint the kids I'd tell him to go take a hike (with way better choice words).

Just weird....


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