Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, lizards and more. There are so many different types of pets out there, that it's easy to just want to love them all. And cuddle with them. And play fetch. Or just enjoy their company.

But there are some animals out there that just don't have a home and a place where they can be loved... yet.

Each day this month, we will be teaming up with Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland to highlight a particular pet that is available for adoption.

It's called March Petness.

How can you not just want to get them all?

You could be one of these adorable animals' forever home.

So who are we talking about today?

Well, meet Sugar from the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland.

Here's what the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland has to say about Sugar:

"Sugar is a beautiful tortie cat, who is curious, outgoing and affectionate. Sugar is 8-years-old, but still has lots of kitten inside! She loves to explore, play with toys, and then curl up for a good snooze on a plush bed. Sugar would love a family she can shower with attention and doesn’t mind a talkative cat with stories to tell."

Visit the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland's website here.

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