From frozen margaritas to brain freeze, Portland definitely knows how to party. When Margaritas in the Old Port went out of business last August, it left many people shocked and caught off-guard. That was followed by one question, what's going to go in that place now?

It took almost a year to find out but according to the Bangor Daily News, the Brown St. location that formerly housed Margaritas, will now house an "adult milkshake" shop and eatery that features burgers. The idea has been massive success in Portsmouth, where the new owners of the Brown St. location have perfected their craft at the popular BRGR bar.

So perhaps you're asking what an "adult milkshake" consists of? Some of the most popular shakes in Portsmouth are the chocolate soft serve and Patron or the devilish almond and coconut with dark rum concoction. Ok, you win shake place.

The goodness doesn't stop with just milkshakes and grass-fed burgers. Unlike their predecessors, the new milkshake eatery is planning for an outdoor beer garden. Outdoor drinking space is rare near the Cross Insurance Arena, and will undoubtedly be popular.  The eatery is planning to have roughly a 100 seat capacity.

The new owners are hoping to open the shake/burger place in August, perfect timing for the hottest time of the year in Maine. Are you ready for a different kind of milkshake headache?

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