Usually between Memorial Day Weekend and Labor Day Weekend, drivers and especially out-of-state license plates are seen scattered all over the Maine Turnpike since Vacationland is such a destination during the summer months, especially on weekends. However, even off-season and during the work week, people (and license plates) from away are seen making their way up and down the Turnpike on the daily (myself included, since I drive up from New Hampshire every morning).

just going with the flow of traffic without almost causing every accident ever like you'd expect a stereotypical Massachusetts driver to do.

This morning, while driving my out-of-state self (for now) up the Turnpike, I noticed in the distance another out-of-state plate cruising in the center lane just shy of the Scarborough/Gorham exit. And as much as the headline of this article may make it seem like it was some stereotypical erratic Ma**hole driver, he was just cruising comfortably up the center lane in a real chill way. Not riding someone's bumper, not weaving in and out of traffic -- just going with the flow of traffic without almost causing every accident ever like you'd expect a stereotypical Massachusetts driver to do.

But it was when I caught up to the car where I got a good chuckle, because while this driver wasn't driving LIKE your stereotypical Ma**hole, the appearance of him driving reeked of Massachusetts.

Photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash
Photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash

While approaching him in the center lane then moving to the left lane to pass him, I went from seeing what looked like a perfectly cared-for Beamer to noticing a side-view mirror that was drooping down and not properly upright, and the driver himself was wearing headphones. The only thing missing to complete the package was one of his doors being a different color from the rest of the car.

Make no mistake -- this article isn't making fun of this driver at all, because we all do something like this. In fact, just a minute before I had heard on the radio a Mainer calling into the morning show and talking about how her and her husband have a leaky roof that hasn't been fixed yet, but they both have the new Yeezys.

It was just one of those sights while driving on the Turnpike to kick off a work week that you couldn't just help but see, smile, and laugh to yourself about. Props to you, stereotypical Massachusetts driver, for I'm sure starting several fellow drivers' work weeks out on a smiling note, while also confidently living your best life.

Photo by K8 on Unsplash
Photo by K8 on Unsplash

But seriously, maybe get that driver's side side-view mirror fixed before you side-swipe an oncoming car thinking you're free and clear to switch lanes. Seems like you have a pretty big blind spot with the condition your mirror is currently in. 😉

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