One Bite Everyone Knows the Rules

It's crazy how a one-liner about pizza has turned into such a phenomenon, especially since that one line is a massive lie. For no other reason than New England's own Dave Portnoy clearly takes more than one bite when he reviews a pizza shop -- unless you count the fact he almost inhales an entire slice as one bite.

Anyway, people either love Dave or hate Dave, there's no middle ground. A local New Englander who was born in Swampscott, Massachusetts, and created Barstool Sports in Milton, Massachusetts, Dave and Barstool go hand-in-hand and Dave's One Bite Pizza Reviews are hugely popular.

Especially the absolutely out-of-control one that he had last week, and by now you know the one.

One Bite Pizza Reviews via YouTube
One Bite Pizza Reviews via YouTube / Canva

Dragon Pizza One Bite Review

If you haven't seen the One Bite Pizza Review that Dave did last week of Dragon Pizza in Davis Square in Somerville, Massachusetts, then you must avoid social media like the plague (which, props, because for the most part, it's a cesspool.)

What started out as a typical, low-key pizza review turned into an explosive screaming match with all the middle fingers, all the F-bombs dropped and just absolute insanity, as midway through Dave's review, a man who identified himself as the owner of Dragon Pizza walked onto the sidewalk in front of his shop and slammed Dave for "coming in a judging a business with one bite."

And that's where the fireworks started which really can only be fully taken in by watching the review (which should start right at the good part but if it doesn't, fast forward to 4:00. And, in case it doesn't post below because it's age-restricted, click here for it.)

Dragon Pizza One Bite Response

The irony of this whole thing is the owner basically accused Dave of hurting small businesses (mind you, it's been highlighted multiple times that Dave has done a lot of good since the pandemic kicked in full force, raising money for small businesses both here in New England and across the country with The Barstool Fund) with his pizza reviews.

Yet so much attention is brought to these places once the reviews are edited and posted online, and you need to look no further than the owner of Dragon Pizza himself for the proof, who felt the need to post the below note written on a paper plate in the window as soon as his review video went viral.

Interesting side note to end all of this, too.

For someone who accused Dave of doing harm with these reviews, the owner of Dragon Pizza, identified as Charlie Redd in a USA Today article that just dropped, told USA Today that he's seeing booming sales since the video with viral.

Considering at the start of this review, Dave mentioned that he actually lived in Davis Square at one point -- is this all staged? (It's solid gold, regardless.)

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