In a time when purchasing just about anything is just a few taps on your phone and it's delivered right to your door, Mellen Street Market announces free delivery of everything they sell in their store.

Mellen Street Market has been in business for years and you may have never even noticed the little unassuming brick store at 79 Mellen Street, but they have been improving their store for a few months now, adding new grocery items, new shelving and some delicious new food. They've also added many local craft beers to their selection.

And now you can have anything they sell delivered at no additional charge within a five mile radius of the store with a minimum order of $15 from our in house prepared FOOD selections. Other items such as beer, wine or other grocery items, a $5 delivery fee will be charged. You can have Mellen Street Market deliver to you if you're beyond the 5 mile radius for a small additional fee.

Delivery times are from 11am to 9:30pm 7 days a week.




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