I love Mexico!!  This is the best vacation. I love the giant Mexican pigeons and dinner on the beach was one of the best experiences ever!

So, I have never really seen pelicans except in 'Finding Nemo'. They are everywhere! I call them the Mexican pigeon.


After a tough day of fun in the sun, it was off to a beach dinner one of the resort restaurants was throwing. I loved every single thing about it.


There was also a little Mariachi band. I loved that too!!


After dinner we shopped at the little kiosks of 'stuff'. The boys wanted this chess set. It is super cool and they have been playing chess every day on it!



After the shopping, and the gluttony..a nice man came up to us to tell us about the show 'Grease' in the theater! Chloe SO wanted to go. I went with her as Jen and the boys headed back to the room.

Seven actors covered a two hour movie in 45 minutes. Chloe had no idea what was happening (she's never seen the movie). I was literally saying:

He's a bad boy.

She's a good girl.

They are falling in love.

Beauty school is easy to pass.

She's a slut...

and the movie ends. Here's a bit of the big number at the end....


I think we are renting a car and heading to swim with turtles. The adventure continues!

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