There is certainly no shortage of beauty in Maine. Ever.

It doesn't matter the season, there's no more beautiful place in the world period than Northern New England. There's the peak foliage in the fall, the snow-covered trees and mountains in the winter, the greenery and blooming in the spring, and of course the beaches and hiking trails in the summer.

And the beauty is spread all over the internet, too, whether you follow the hashtag #Maine on social sites like Instagram or you're a member of The Maine Photography Page on Facebook -- the beauty of our state is just a couple clicks away.

Shot by Cerqueira
Shot by Cerqueira

Last week, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, photographer Jonathan Sambrick took part in a canoe trip through the Allagash Waterway, which allowed him to set up camp. Knowing that he was far away from city lights and cell phone towers, Jonathan brought his camera equipment with him for some late-night Northern Maine shots.

Disappointed by the orientation our campsite offered, I was forced to wade in waist high waters around the shoreline to achieve this placement of my tripod.

Jonathan mentioned some cloud cover when he started, but when he went back to retrieve his equipment around 2a, he "was greeted by the bright shining Milky Way core to the west, as well as the rising crescent moon to the east," which made for one of the most breathtaking timelapse photos imaginable.

That wasn't the only timelapse Jonathan captured during his stay, though, as he later posted his equipment up again late night, putting his tripod in water and actually capturing what he deemed the "Allagash Arch," which shows the Milky Way actually bent and glowing in an arch-formation over the water and trees of the Allagash Wilderness Waterway.

Hands down, we live in the most beautiful area of the country -- maybe even the world. These timelapse photos by Jonathan just prove it.

Jonathan also has still prints taken from Allagash, the Acadia Coast and more up for sale on his official website, Lancaster Illuminated.

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