It's always unfortunate when cats go missing, and nobody knows where they are, especially if they're indoor cats.

Often, indoor animals are at a disadvantage for never having to survive in the wild, or maybe they've been declawed, which makes them defenseless against outdoor animals.

They can be seen as prey or in other animal's territory. Nonetheless, these animals are found more often than not if you have a feline that cat maybe somewhere else in your building or a neighbors house or garage or under a car scared because they've never had to deal with the outside world.

Lincoln of Portland, Maine. Adult Brown Tabby Male, Mostly an Indoor Cat. Last Seen at 50 Tyng Street, Portland. MISSING!

Posted by Maine Lost Cat Recovery on Thursday, 15 October 2020

Meet Lincoln of 50 Tyng St Portland, who has been missing for about 36 hours. His people are still looking all over the neighbor for him. He's a tabby cat who is Brown with green eyes, and his owners love him very much and are looking forward to having him back.

Please check-in and under your garage, in your basement, under your cars, especially if you live in that neighborhood, reach out to his persons at 207 681-0329. Remember, pets are not just furry little animals that come out and eat food when we give it to them, but they're also our friends, companions, and in some cases, family.

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