Were ya trying to get through downtown Rumford Tuesday morning? There was a young moose who seemed a tad lost caught on video.


David Adley put up on Facebook videos of this poor moose going in circles. It was in the downtown Rumford close to 7 in the morning at the end of Congress Street.

NewsCenter Maine reported that police were on the scene to make sure the little guy found his way from shopping in downtown back to the woods where he probably wondered away from.

Wow.What a sweet thing. Thank you to the police for NOT shooting it, and sticking around until it found it's way back. You can hear in David's voice what we all were probably thinking, 'That poor thing.' Ugh. It's one thing to be walking around in circles as a human - it's expected.

Hopefully all is well with the young moose and that they have a fantastic story for the family gathering at Thanksgiving.



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