While Maine has the most moose in the country aside from Alaska, there are still plenty of Mainers that have never seen one in the wild.

They're even harder to find the more south in the state you go and to see one in a populated harbor? Super rare!

One moose was caught taking a dip in Round Pond Harbor in Lincoln County on Saturday afternoon. The moose was spotted and photographed by Joyce Jones and shared on Facebook.

It's wild to think such creatures, as massive as they appear, do well in the water. According to National Geographic, moose are able to swim for several miles at a time and can even stay under water for 30 seconds or more.

As we inch towards winter, keep your eyes peeled for this guys on roads and trails. According to the Denali Education Center, moose like to stick close to packed trailes and clear areas such as roads and train tracks to conserve energy. This means as drivers and snowmobilers, a moose could always be right around the corner. Stay alert, be safe, and help keep these beautiful creatures safe too!

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