According to the Bangor Daily News, this morning, 80,000 pieces of mail were left behind the Scarborough distribution center Sunday after business had closed for the day.

A source at the Postal Union relayed, "even though it would only take 10 minutes to sort the mail and get it on the truck, they were told to leave it behind." These new policies that are in place which caused them to leave the mail behind were put in action by the new Postmaster General who was appointed earlier this year by the current administration.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

These new methods are supposed to save $200 million year in labor and delivery cost. Two dozen top officials from the post office were also removed from their jobs last Friday night. The job cuts were merely cited as efficiencies, as those officials will not be replaced in those roles. The Scarborough distribution center is not the only one facing setbacks, as a Spokane, WA distribution center, is also facing the same type of bottlenecking effect from the mail being slowed down nationally.

You could put a letter in the mailbox on Monday, and it could be at its destination by Wednesday if it were the next town over, now that could take days or even weeks, where's the efficiency in that is? The point of the story is I hope you aren't looking for anything significant in the mail like I don't know medication. We'll have more on this story to come if they send out new stimulus checks, good luck!


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