Everybody has a food they love. And, well, everybody has a food they hate.

In fact, there's a website that claims a particular Maine sandwich is one of the "most loathed" in America (that's a lot).

Feastgood.com did a 3,000-person survey to find out what dieters tend to love the most but can't seem to give up. Hence, they really loathe the food.

Did you guess the stereotypical New England sandwich that is the lobster roll? Well, according to Feastgood.com, you'd be right.

This is interesting to me, considering seafood is very healthy for you, and the roll is just carbs you need if you're working out. Right?

Look, I'm going to go ahead and disagree entirely with this pick coming out of Maine.

Let's break it down to the calories. You could be eating a Philly cheese steak sandwich, which is an average of 900 calories according to livestrong.com,

A lobster roll, according to foodnetwork.com, starts at about 600 calories. So already, a dieter is way better off enjoying a lobster roll, which again, just goes to my disagreement.

And let's be real. The more mayo and butter you put on a lobster roll, the more it will become "unhealthy."

But you know what? You deserve to enjoy a lobster roll whether you're on a diet or not. Mayo or not. Half a lobster roll or the whole lobster roll.

"Everything in moderation", as they say. So live your life.

"Loathed" is a pretty strong term, and I'm pretty sure you'd get a lot of New Englanders to disagree that the lobster roll should be on that list out of all local foods.

Bet if you looked at lists of ffavorite Maine foods to eat, you'd find lobster roll hitting the top.

You know, like this list from Food Network, or this list from Food & Wine, or even this one from Conde Nast Traveler. Surprise. They all list lobster roll as a favorite food to try.

So let's get off the "loathed" train, and instead celebrate the lobster roll.

Here are just some of my favorite places to grab a good lobster roll:

Red's Eats in Wiscasset

It's beautiful. But be prepared to wait in a long line since it seems to be everybody else's favorite as well (worth it).

Taste Of Maine Restaurant in Woolwich

Fun fact: this place serves you the biggest lobster roll in the world!

Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery

Fun fact: you might even spot a celeb or too stopping in for a bite.

Where's your favorite place to get a lobster roll?

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