When the sound system wasn't working at the start of the Mt. Ararat girls hockey game...that didn't stop them from being inspiring.

When the world is full of protests and division...it's the little things that are touching.

Wednesday night the Mt. Ararat girls hockey team was going to sing the national anthem before their game against Saint Dominic Academy Wednesday night. Everybody stood up and then nothing.

The sound system wasn't working. So everyone sat back down.

Tom Saucier was there and says,

Then, as the Mt. Ararat girls took to the ice, you could hear someone begin singing the Star Spangled Banner. It was the Mt. Ararat girls.

The crowd stood back up, took off their hats and put their hands on their hearts and some even sang too. He caught it on video saying it was 'a powerful moment'.


I'm glad he caught it on video...


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