I received some devastating news earlier this week via SnapChat from my sister. Our neighborhood ice cream shop, Webber's Ice Cream in Farmingdale, announced their retirement. We had no warning, no hint that 2016 would be their final season, not even a "come get one last sundae" offer. I'm taking this news way harder than I should.

I lived in the neighborhood directly behind Webber's for my entire middle school and high school career. My best friend and I would lace up our roller blades, gather up the quarters from our parent's change jars, and scoot down to Webber's for a scoop of their homemade hard serve, an "Arctic Blast", or their insanely good peanut butter soft serve, always with rainbow sprinkles.

I really feel like a piece of my childhood is gone. I was looking forward to visiting my hometown this summer and getting a cone of my favorite French Chocolate. I just wish I had the chance to say goodbye.

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