When I watched Katy Perry perform at the "Big Game" this year, I knew instantly what I needed to be for Halloween.

Through the soft glow of my HD TV, I could feel a connection: I was staring right at my spirit animal. Officially known as the "Super Bowl XLIX Halftime Shark," (pronounced ex-licks), he has become known and loved around the world as "Left Shark."

RootSuit via Amazon
RootSuit via Amazon
instantly skyrocketed to international fame after the halftime show. Questions quickly arose as to who was really in the suit, but we never found out.

Even though Left Shark might come up a little short in the end, he's the right shark for me! Get your costume ready & come party with us at the Spirit of Portland this weekend!


    • The Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash is a night of scary adult fun. Live music from Motor Booty Affair and Hello Newman. Featuring Gritty’s beer, with their Halloween ale, as well as some frightful cocktails from Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Allen’s Coffee Brandy. [Oct. 31; BUY TICKETS]

Is your costume ready? Come party with us!

Posted by WJBQ - Q97.9 on Monday, October 26, 2015