If you've opened up social media over the last few days, you've almost certainly seen the "how hard did aging hit you" challenge floating around.

The gist of it is pretty simple... people are posting photos of themselves from 10 years ago, or earlier, and then a photo from today (or recently), to see how hard the slow relentless march toward the grave has hit you.

I'm sorry, but I think I have just about everyone beat when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Behold, manbaby Ryan Gavin vs. current me:

I took this photo (with the help of the great Stephen Lenz!) in 2016 year when I turned 25. The original photo has become something of a legend in my family, as you can probably imagine. I have my mother to thank for the ridiculous costume (she didn't think it was ridiculous, which makes it even funnier), and I have my cousins to thank for dubbing me "fivehead," instead of forehead.

Anyway... good luck with your aging challenge. I live with mine every single day.

Ryan Gavin
Ryan Gavin

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