One of the best things about traveling anywhere is getting to try new foods, and to learn what’s considered the best of the best wherever you are in the world.

At home in Maine, we might point someone to a lobster or seafood place. Down here in Puerto Rico, you’ve gotta try the best of the local scene.

In San Juan, nothing beats breakfast at one of the dozens of little diners and cafés all over the old city or in Condado. After a tour of CastilloSan Cristóbal this week, we had brunch at St. Germain Bistro & Cafe on calle Sol. Wherever you go, you’ll find great local foods, lots of fruit, and terrific drinks. Everyone’s a pirate down here and the rum never stops flowing!

And there’s always the “one thing” that everyone tells you to try. In Maine, it’s lobster. Here, it’s mofongo. Made with a base of fried mashed plantains and topped with veggies and meat in a spicy sauce, it’s fonsidered one of the most popular Puerto Rican foods (and it’s damn good!)

Ryan Gavin
Ryan Gavin

We got to try mofongo at Mi Casita in Carolina, right next to our hotel. The same thing that’s true in Maine is true down here... you always want to try the small, mom & pop restaurants for the best local food!

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