From convincing one of our cats to snuggle with me more to buying a house, here's where I am with 2018 right about now!

These aren't really "new year's resolutions" or anything super serious like that... (be honest, you dump those after like 10 days), but this is a pretty good running list of the stuff that I've done this year, and all the things that I still want to do.

By way of explanation...

Erica, my girlfriend, hates flags and think they look super trashy, or "like we live at a car dealership." She's wrong. I got a big one.

I told myself that I would read the Lord of the Rings once a year like Philippa Boyens when I was 15. Haven't gotten around to it much.

Our live shows from the Fryeburg Fair have already been planned!

Our pure-bread, solid white Maine coon cat Llewyn, who I derisively call LooLoo, has decided that he loves Erica exclusively and won't even let me touch him. That's fine. He's an awful animal anyway.

Still not sure how committed I am to finishing Voyager!

We'll see how I'm doing in December.

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