Maine's first congressional district representative Chellie Pingree shared this photo on her official social media accounts today, welcoming the newest member of Maine's congressional delegation to the capitol.

Meanwhile, back home in Maine, Republican Bruce Poliquin has asked a federal judge to declare him the winner of the race that he lost earlier this month. Poliquin is suing in federal court to stop the ranked-choice voting tabulation method from being used to declare Golden the winner of the election. And if the federal court won't declare Poliquin the winner of the election based on just the first round votes, of which Poliquin did not win a majority, he has asked the court to order a new election.

Maine voters have twice approved of the ranked-choice voting method in statewide elections, and a federal district court judge in Bangor refused to grant Poliquin's motion for a temporary restraining order to stop the ranked-choice vote count earlier this month.

Jared Golden will be seated as Maine's newest Congressman on January 3rd when congress convenes in Washington.

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