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Whenever I pictured my life in Maine, I always fantasized about it being right in downtown Portland. In high school when I envisioned my life in the Pine Tree State, I wanted it to be in Portland where I could walk to my necessities and be near the water.

Now that I am an adult living in Maine, I realize that is simply not in the budget. I’m sure it was more accessible in high school back in the day but it surely isn’t now. I still have my dream home and apartments, though, and I live vicariously through others through real estate postings.

Peaks Island Apartment for Sale

One of my favorite parts of Portland is jumping on a Casco Bay Cruise Line ferry and island-hopping. We are so blessed to live in such a beautiful state with pleasures like this and I am in awe every time I am in the middle of Casco Bay taking in some of the most magical scenes our state has to offer.

My family has lived in Maine for generations and my grandmother and nana used to go to Peaks Island together and have picnics with friends, bike around, and spend the day on the beach. It fills my heart up when I do that with my friends, now, at the age that they used to. Peaks Island is a beautiful part of Portland with private sandy beaches, postcard-worthy views, yummy restaurants, and lovely places to kayak and bike.

I always have and always will dream about island life. I love to be near the ocean and its smells and sights and I would kill to live in a place where I got to wake up and go to sleep with that nearby every day. I also love living alone, so a nice, small, cozy place on the water would be a dream.

If I had $425K, that dream would come alive right now. I would scoop up this apartment for sale in a heartbeat. Just recently listed and put on the market, a one-bedroom apartment is for sale right at the ferry dock on Peaks Island at 16 Welch Street Unit 2. Listed by Port Island Realty, the cozy and beautiful apartment looks right out into Casco Bay.

Take a peek inside:

My Dream Apartment is For Sale Right on Peaks Island

You Can Rent Out a Private Island in Maine for Only $200 Per Night

The perfect way to go completely off the grid for a summer weekend in Maine.

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