Someone asked me if I said Boornas on the radio instead of Voornas, cuz you know I'm famous and all. No, I don't - but I'm not the only one who gets their name butchered every day...

I was chatting about how people think my name is Boornas and not Voornas with a v. It's pronounced VORE-ness. I've been called it all. Vorn-ass. Voooooorness. I get that. It' a weird last name.

But they also screw up my first name. My name is Lori, but I am often called Julie.

  • Shannon called the show and said she's called everything from Sharon, to Susan. Kate said that they call her Kay, Katie or Kathy.
  • My favorite was Anna, who often says on the phone, 'This is Anna.' When people call back for her they ask for Susanna.
  • Kylie, my blonde peppy co-host, has pretty much been Kyle her whole life. Even when she graduated college at UMaine, they said KYLE!

What is your name? What are you always called instead?