Growing up my best friend lived on Chicken Dinner Road.

Being a kid, it never really hit me how funny and unusual that is. I don't know how that street got its name, but some 50 years later...if you find yourself in super rural southern Idaho, you'll see that Chicken Dinner Road still exists.


When Maine introduced enhanced 911, every road had to have a name. You may recognize some street names that make you wonder how did they come up with them. Well, when private roads needed to be named, that was left many times to the only resident on that street. Rumor has it there is an Alderaan Way in Windham. I'm thinking a huge Star Wars fan lives there.

I may not remember what I had for dinner last night, but I remember the name of the street I grew up on. Plum Street. With the names of these streets in Maine, if you happen to grow up on any of these, I bet you'll never forget it. Just like my friend Janice growing up on Chicken Dinner Road. It will be a long time before she forgets that one!

These streets in Maine seem to follow a couple of themes: murder, scorned exes, and super Maine names!

Funny Maine Road Names

If I missed a funny one, let me know! It may be time to update the list! In the meantime, if you have the honor of naming the street you live on - name it after what you had for dinner!

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