I still had my phone, but couldn't use my phone.


You may have heard of Yondr when they made a splash after they were used at schools back in 2019, although they've been around since 2014. According to CNBC,

San Lorenzo High School in the East Bay Area has banned cellphone use during the school day. This is made possible by the San Francisco-based start-up Yondr, which creates locking smartphone pouches. Yondr is catching the attention of an increasing number of educators now that famous performers like Dave Chappelle, Jack White and Chris Rock use the product at their shows.

You can add John Mulaney to that list. I would have taken a picture of my Yondr pack, but uh, my phone was INSIDE that pack. I will say getting to the show about 45 minutes early and sitting, it was slightly unnerving not having my little pal the iPhone. The biggest thing I missed was the ability to take pictures and find out what time it was! If there are clocks at the Cross Insurance Arena, I did not find one.

But it was also very refreshing to not have a phone. Again, let me rephrase...I had my phone, I just couldn't access or use my phone until I left and they unlocked it. It's held together with the same technology that booze bottles are locked up at the grocery store. It's a magnet that holds that weird lid on your Tito's and it's a magnet that shut our little phone pouch.

By the way, John was great and the audience was great and there won't be a picture of any of it. *SIDENOTE* Not only was it weird to have my phone locked up, but it was also incredibly weird to be with THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE with no masks, and no vax card checked. I've done a good job avoiding Covid so far, but if I was to ever get it - it would have been Friday night at John Mulaney's show.



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