I think it's a clever play on words that would go over most people's heads...most.

Have you had Pho? It's a delicious broth noodle dish with amazing aroma and flavors! It's Vietnamese and so yummy! It's the 'it' food lately and there are places here in Maine. But a new place is opening in Keene, New Hampsire. It's called Pho Keene - Great!

The problem is with the pronunciation. Pho is pronounced 'fuh'. See? Put it all together...

Pho Keene Great.

Get it? Well, enough people did and complained and now the city took their sign down and they are working to iron it all out.

I think it's fine, since most people (me included) pronounced it like foe. I mean, then it's close - but not a full sentence.

As of December 27, the place had a tentative opening date of March 1, according to their Facebook page.

On January 5, Pho Keene Great released a statement on their Facebook page about the situation:

Either way, now I want Pho!


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