Kalie Shorr, who is from Portland and a country singer out of Nashville, had COVID-19.


The Portland Press Herald reports that on March 30th, Kalie, who is 25, revealed through Twitter that she tested positive.


She has recovered and the worst of her symptoms of pain and fever were short lived at about three days in bed. She doesn't know how she got the virus, but it could have been a benefit concert with a huge audience. She quarantined immediately after with just a few trips to get groceries.

Shorr went public on Twitter about her battle with the coronavirus because she wants others to take it seriously. She and her two roommates all had COVID-19 and all have recovered.

Kalie Shorr has been living in Nashville for several years and doing very well. Her first album, 'Open Book,' made last years New York Times’ critics’ list of the top 10 albums of the year. Kalie grew up in Portland and started writing songs when she was just a young kid. She went to Deering High School, and got a lot of attention with her YouTube videos. She was about to go on tour with Martina McBride, but that along with other concert tours, has been cancelled.

Portland was lucky to have her perform at Aura in November as part of the Let the Girls Play concert event, a benefit for Girl Scouts of Maine.



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