Don't get caught dead wearing the same generic sexy nurse costume. Forget the traditional ghoul, witch, or zombie. These Maine inspired costumes are all you need this Halloween.

Time and Temperature Building

Portland's iconic beacon of the time, temperature, and two-word four-letter advertisements. Find a big card board box, some paint to create the windows and stone, and construct a triangle hat with your own message on each side. Bonus points if you can make it light up with some battery operated string lights.


Marden's Lady

Go to Marden's Surplus and Salvage, find the exact outfit the Marden's Lady is wearing (because you know it's there), and walk around shouting about great deals in a Maine accent.


Paul Bunyan Statue

You could dress up like Paul Bunyan, or you could be the Paul Bunyan Statue in Bangor. Bonus points if you somehow create a pair of shoes that look like the granite base of the statue.


Portland Head Light

I'm thinking a white dress with a black collar and a black and white hat. Again, bonus points if you create an actual light that flashes at the right intervals.


The Shipyard Pumpkinhead Guy

The Headless Horseman? Nah, I'm talking the guy from the actual Shipyard Pumpkinhead bottle. You've gotta be super clever and crafty to pull this one off, but I'm sure you can do it.

Get your best Maine inspired Halloween costume locked down and come hang with us at the biggest party in the state! The Spirit of Portland Halloween Bash is happening on October 28th with live music, adult beverages, and cash prizes for the best costumes.

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