In July, Scarborough native Samantha Ramsdell was declared to have the largest mouth gape for a female in the entire world by Guinness World Record.

She's always known she had a big mouth and has embraced it turning herself into a TikTok sensation, demonstrating just how big her mouth is by stuffing things into it. Giant sandwiches, lots of donuts, even a glass have been out in her mouth and she has such a unique talent that she currently has over 1.7 million followers.

But there's more to Sam Ramsdell than just a big mouth. She's also a singer and a comedian and she moved south to Connecticut to pursue those careers.

About nine months before she won the world record, she was featured in a video produced by the YouTube sketch comedy channel Oh the Shame! called "Introducing...Doctors!"

Samantha plays the "frustrated web surfer" in a mock ad, who keeps seeing conflicting information about the severity of COVID-19 and whether vaccines really work until a voice offers help in the form of doctors. The funniest line is right at the beginning describing doctors as "Those people who can magically reach into your body and pull out your appendix without killing you."

There's some adult language used in the video so you might not want the little ones around while you watch this.

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