17-year-old Kim Moreau disappeared in Jay, Maine on May 10, 1986.


Kylie Low spent several weekends in the Jay and Livermore Falls area back in 2021 with a production team to dig into the disappearance of Kimberly Moreau with her surviving family members. The Moreaus placed their trust in Kylie to tell Kim's story when she first interviewed Kim's father, Richard, and her sisters, Karen and Diane, for an episode of Dark Downeast in early 2021.

Dark Downeast YouTube
Dark Downeast YouTube

When Kylie asked if they'd be interested in sharing Kim's story again, this time on camera, they quickly agreed. This family has never given up the fight for justice or search for answers since the day Kim disappeared as a 17-year-old girl on May 10, 1986.

Though the footage and interviews with the Moreau family were initially intended for a different project on another platform, Kylie worked with the team at Fine Cut Media to produce a mini-documentary to bring attention to the 36th anniversary of Kimberly Moreau's disappearance. She worked very closely with the Moreau family and this case has really stuck with her. Her goal is to have this the last time the family has to recognize such a somber anniversary for Kim.

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