Memorial Day 2023 is Monday, May 29

Slowly but surely, throw a cold but thankfully not too snow-filled winter, Northern New Englanders are approaching one of our favorite weekends of the year -- Memorial Day Weekend. Yes, a weekend first and foremost about remembering those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so that we have the freedom to even make this list in the first place. But also a weekend where spirits and energy levels in the area are lifted and we (un)officially welcome in the summer weather and season.

In between visiting our lost family members at local cemeteries or wherever they happen to have been laid to rest as well as taking moments throughout the weekend to remember the fondest of memories with those we've lost, we gather with family and friends to appreciate and be grateful of those that are still with us.

Generally, those gatherings include fully embracing summer foods that we've lacked for a solid 6-8 months. With that being said, Northern New Englanders recently shared what their favorite foods to indulge in are during this long weekend of remembrance and (un)official kickoff the summer.

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