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Less than two weeks ago on September 9, Season 5 of the smash Netflix series Cobra Kai was released to the world. And ever since, it's been the most streamed series on Netflix, as confirmed by the official Netflix Top 10 TV series list. For those unfamiliar, the show essentially is a continuation of the original Karate Kid movies from the 1980s, starring Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita (Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi, respectively.)

The coolest part of the series is it actually brings back a lot of stars from the original movies, including Ralph, William Zabka (who played Johnny Lawrence), as well as the Cobra Kai karate club (hence the namesake of the show.) It focuses on Johnny bringing back Cobra Kai after years of extinction of the club and Daniel combating that by sharing Mr. Miyagi's teachings with interested students.

However, while the series is set in California, Episode 4 from the newly released Season 5 showed New England some love with a reference that is actually 100% factual information!

Narragansett Lighthouse

In the above clip, Johnny mentions that a piece of art hanging on his wall is "a real lighthouse in Narragansett built in 1856." There have been plenty of times where TV shows or movies exaggerate factual information when making geographical references, but it turns out this one is legit!

Well, sort of.

Michael Denning
Michael Denning

Point Judith Lighthouse

The "lighthouse in Narragansett built in 1856" that Johnny references is actually Point Judith Lighthouse, located off the coast of Narragansett, Rhode Island and shown above. According to Visit Rhode Island, the octagonal brick building creating the outside frame of the lighthouse was actually built in 1816, after the original wooden version of the lighthouse was blown apart by the Great Gale of September 1815.

Johnny wasn't fully wrong with this 1856 date, though. According to Lighthouse Friends, in 1857 a new Point Judith Lighthouse was constructed, keeping the same octagonal shape and built with brownstone. Other sources on the internet, though, mention the new Point Judith Lighthouse was erected in 1856, making Johnny's claim totally correct.

Regardless of whether or not the year given on the show was correct, it's always cool when New England factoids and landmarks are shown some love on a national level -- especially when it's the most popular streaming Netflix series at the time of this writing.

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