Summer is coming, heck, it already felt like it was here last week. I have been in New England now for 18 years, and my blood has adapted to the cold winters. That means, when it's above 65, I get 'hot' just like you. It's funny because growing up in Tennessee, 100 degrees was not that bad to me. But now, it's brutal. And, according to the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration, this summer is set to be a 'scorcha'!

WMTW Channel 8 has shared this story with their online readers. The NOAA is predicting that much of the US this summer will have above average summer temperatures. Or, AKA, it's gonna be 'hot as hell'. If you haven't gotten an air conditioner by now, you best get to moving on that. And, fans won't quite cut it if the weather turns out to be what they are predicting.

The map below you can read as follows:

The darker the orange, the most likely chance that temperatures this summer will be above normal. The lighter the orange, the better chance of not above average. And, as you can see, all of New England is glowing orange!

You will find me hanging out at the beach, in the water for sure!

How do you like to cool down on those way too hot summer days?


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