Meet Ronny Doitche

Over the weekend I was sent a video on Instagram from the popular page, Total Frat Move. To my surprise it was a wedding being officiated in Maine, but with a twist.

After the first kiss the officiant, bride, and groom chugged some beers.

I had to know, who was this guy?

Well, the beer-loving officiant in question is a Portsmouth, New Hampshire native by the name of Ronny Doitche.

Ronny has made a huge name for himself online with his incredible skill of gulping down a beer in no time. He's been honing his skills for years but after the TikTok boom of 2020, he truly found his place as a beer icon.

Unmatched Skills

His early online work wasn't even beer but good ol' Mountain Dew which, with the carbonation is honestly that much more impressive.

Ronny will stitch other TikTokers claiming to be the best and ultimately shut them down every time.

Ronny has even turned this into a business. According to his Instagram, he will accept all FaceTime and Zoom Chug Challengers for $20.

Don't Try This at Home

One of his most impressive feats is the Stone Cold Challenge in honor of WWE superstar Stone Cold Steve Austin. Ronny chugged a total of 5 beers, a shot of whiskey, a margarita, and a bloody mary all in under a minute.

Think you could take on Ronny? Find him on TikTok and Instagram.

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