Chris Ventimiglia of Freeport and Russell Voss of New Gloucester have been friends for 20 years so it came as no surprise to their friends when, about 3 years ago, the guys said they wanted to open a brewery.

According to the Sun Journal, the brewery was supposed to be open by last October, but unforeseen delays, mostly with CMP, has pushed the opening back until April of this year.

The brewery will be called NU (New) and will be located at 437 Lewiston Road in New Gloucester. Chris and Russell both have culinary backgrounds which leads them to "reverse engineer" their beer. Meaning they start with the end goal and then work backwards, changing the process of making beer rather than changing the ingredients.

Some of their recipes have gotten them second place wins at national competitions. Their flagship beer is a light craft lager, but they have also crafted a special key lime gose, and a champagne lager so far.

Their next focus will be expanding and hiring more staff and create an outdoor seating area that will be family friendly as well as a beer garden and food trucks. Their goal is to become a gathering spot for the community.

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