Being a 5-year-old is hard. You're time on planet Earth so far has been pretty short, and you still have so much to learn, like not eating the yellow snow.

TikTok user Lauren Welch from New Hampshire is the mom of said 5-year-old girl who had a bit of a meltdown when she admitted to her mom that while she was outside enjoying the snow like kids love to do, she ate some yellow snow. She said through tears that she didn't know it was yellow while mom Lauren tries to calm her down by saying she'll be okay.

The family dog becomes concerned when the young girl puts herself in the corner crying. The dog comes over to her to check her out as if to say "Are you okay?" Little does the dog know that they likely created the yellow snow. Or maybe the dog knows what's going on, and this is their way of apologizing.

Poor kid. The good news is she'll be fine. It happens and for many of us who grew up in New England, we all knew someone who ate the yellow snow by accident. You may have been on of those kids yourself.

I ate regular snow once when I was this girl's age, and I remember it well.  I thought it would taste like a snow-cone, because, well...snow. Nope. It tasted like dirt. The pure, un-yellowed snow was so gross tasting I never did it again.

A response from Tabby Jo on TikTok sums this up perfectly:

"Poor girl is most definitely traumatized. She will laugh later when u show her this again after she's grown a few years. lol this is golden."

Yes. Literally golden.

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