This is the tour that I don't think any of us expected or thought we needed, but now that it's a legitimate thing, we're ready to bask in its glory.

I Love the 90s

Because after the success of tours involving 90s groups, bands, and artists -- including the annual I Love the 90s Tour that's been happening around New England for the last few years -- it looks artists from the 2000s have stepped up to say, "Hold my microphone."

The Pop2000 Tour is a thing. But it's a thing that's never happened in New England, and 2023 needs to be the year it does.

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Pop2000 Tour

We all remember that the early 2000s was the year that boy bands blew up. Like, blew up HUGE.

From NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, to 98 Degrees and LFO, to O-Town and 5ive -- hell, even MTV made up a boy band called 2gether that actually caught on with viewers and became a hit. You couldn't not hear a song by or see a headline about a boy band around that time.

So, like they did with the I Love the 90s Tour, Universal Attractions Agency decided to kick it up a decade and put together the Pop2000 Tour.

Based on the Pop2000 Tour Facebook page, it looks like most of the shows on the tour are hosted by former NSYNC member, Chris Kirkpatrick. Although, there are a few shows that his former bandmate, Lance Bass, hosted.

The lineup depends on the date and city but can include any combination of Chris, Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray, OTOWN (without Ashley Parker Angel it seems), the sole remaining member of LFO, Brad Fischetti, and Ryan Cabrera.

Pop2000 Tour Schedule for 2023

So far this year, the Pop2000 Tour only has two shows booked -- one in 10 days in California and another one in April in Nashville.

And since the tour has basically the entire year open for dates, there's zero reason we shouldn't bring this sucker to New England. Can you imagine heading to Maine for the Cumberland Fair or the Fryeburg Fair and seeing these guys while chowing down on french fries and fried dough?

Or even spending a summer night in Guilford at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, crushing beers and hard seltzers screaming the lyrics to your favorite boy band songs from back in the day?

Someone in New England. ANYONE in New England. Step up and make it happen, and thank me later for the idea on what will hands down be a sold-out show and money-making night for you.

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