A new billboard outside Madison Square Garden may be a dig at fans of the New York Knicks, but also isn't bound to sit well with those who bleed green.

Celtics fans may have been split on what to do with the nonsense which was Kyrie Irving last season. Some chalked up his erratic behavior to a typical sports headcase, but that's what we signed up for. Others couldn't wait to get rid of guy who called out his younger teammates on a regular basis.

Oh yeah, and there was that time he said he was re-signing with the Celtics.  

Anyway, time has marched on, Kyrie is now the problem of the Brooklyn Nets. He admits he failed in Boston, and why his role is different in Brooklyn.

Yet, why would a guy trying to come clean and move forward, taunt a team by agreeing to a billboard like this? Next to the home court of a team he considered? Meet the new Kyrie, same as the old Kyrie. 

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