The Dempsey Center was founded in Lewiston, Maine in 2008 by Maine's Patrick Dempsey after his mother Amanda was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1997. His goal with the Center was to help make life better for people who have been impacted by cancer.

In 2017, the Dempsey Center merged with the Cancer Community Center in South Portland and offered another location to help those with cancer in Cumberland County. The Center has since outgrown the space they have on Main Street in South Portland, so now they are planning a move to Westbrook's Rock Row.

Construction on a medical and research campus is scheduled to be completed by early 2025 and The Dempsey Center will be one of the new tenants. The building has 179,365 square feet of office space and 20,000 square feet of health services. You may have seen the building being constructed on your left as you drive south on the Maine Turnpike just past exit 48.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Several medical tenants will be in the new building along with The Dempsey Center, including Plastic Hand Surgical Associates, Rayus Radiology, and New England Cancer Specialists which is also looking to have more space than at their current Scarborough locations.

The original Lewiston location of The Dempsey Center is just down the hill from Central Maine Medical Center, on Bates Street putting the two services close together. The Rock Row location will put them in the same building, making it easy for patients to get their treatment and a helping hand from the Dempsey Center all in one location.

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