I don't know about you, but kids and spaghetti is a pretty ugly combination. I found a new pasta that cures the ugly.


What is the ugly with children and spaghetti? I invite you to come over and watch a couple of 4th grade boys plow through a plate of spaghetti. It often involves giant shovel fulls of spaghetti stuffed into their pie holes. Strands sticking out. Often those strands are pulled on with their two little hands.

It is hard to witness.

Until I found this at the store!


It's basically cut up spaghetti. No more mounds of twirled up balls of pasta shoved into their face!

I barely found a strand on the floor!

I never had to say, 'That's too much at once. You're going to choke!'

It was a pleasant experience. If you too have children and the words 'spaghetti night' make you cringe, try mini spaghetti!


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