Chris Tyll from Yarmouth, a former Navy SEAL has big plans to not just wash your car, but your dog and be green while doing both!


According to the Press Herald:

Chris Tyll has starting renovating the former Bay Harbor Car Wash at 696 Broadway, near the police station. He is changing the name to Crystal Clean Car Wash; it will include a dog wash and a self-service car wash, detailing service and fully automated car/truck wash that can handle commercial vehicles.


One of the bays will be for Fido. They will even have something to remove skunk in the vending machine.


How will Chris make it a 'green' car/pet wash? Again, according to the Press Herald:

...all products at the car wash will be biodegradable, and the building will have energy-saving bright LED lights. The building will use a high-efficiency natural gas boiler and have radiant heat in all the bays. The new systems will also use substantially less water and electricity.

The business motto is “Your car, our planet, spotless,” he said.


I love the concept. I really want to see how you wash a dog in a car wash bay! Sit Fido, sit! Here comes the undercarriage wax!


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