ScrubaDub asked customers for help looking for the guy who crashed into a gas pump, Saturday September 19th, setting it on fire!

They were desperate to find out who did this.

ScrubaDub posted that thanks to the help of their loyal customer base, they found out who this was. They did not identify who the idiot is, but it's remarkable that he was caught and pretty timely too! Not only did he put lives in danger, the property damage alone is shocking. But it's pretty imperssive that it didn't explode!

This is the ScrubaDub across from the Maine Mall on Gorham Road. What a crazy area to crash and then just take off! ScrubaDub made it so if you didn't want to idenfy yourself you could remaine annonymous. Thank you for helping a ScrubaDub hopefully get some restitution from this guy.

This is the most unMaine thing. Way to go Mainers catching him! As one Facebook comment posted, 'Looks like he stole that Ford from Jurassic Park after they shut it down.'



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