I stuck in a 20 and got back a handful of pirates booty!


I never pay cash for a car wash. I was in a hurry and pulled out a 20 for a 12 dollar car wash and in the 'change' area, dropped a handful of gold and silver coins.

What? So I recognized the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin.


Haven't seen one of these for a while. This is a 1979 Susan B. Anthony coin. When I googled it, THIS popped up! From Etsy...

1979 Susan B Anthony Dollar Rare


Mmm......interesting.  Made me feel bad I swore like a sailor when the coins spit out.
I got one Susan B. Anthony dollar, four presidential coins and 3 Sacagawea coins.
I got 4 different Presidents: John Tyler (10th President), Ulysses S. Grant (18th President), John Adams (2nd President) and Andrew Jackson (7th President).
Apparently these Presidential coins were minted in 2007. What's crazy, is that some don't have 'In God We Trust' on them and that upset some senators so they added it to the side of the coin along with the date.

Not sure what I'm gonna do with my new stack of dollar coins, but I sure did learn an awful lot.

The Sacagawea coins are from 2000 to 2010. I know that because one of them doesn't have a date, and they made those in 2010. I learned an awful lot from my pile of coins that spit out as change. Not sure what I'm gonna do with them - but I'm a whole lot less likely to spend them.