I think I might have a problem. That is, if it's a problem to be absolutely enamored with  goats from Maine. Lucky for me, there's a magical place in Cumberland Maine called Sunflower Farm that is home to loads of goats.

My family and I love taking little day trips up there whenever we can. When a visit isn't possible, we can always stay entertained and up to date on what's going on with these beauties by watching on a laptop.

Hope at Sunflower Farm has done a fantastic job of regularly capturing much of the barnyard goat joy over the past 6 years. She kindly shares it with us all regularly on YouTube and Facebook.

We are wicked glad to see more and more new videos again since they came back in February. When we last checked in 10 days ago, we got the exciting news that the kids would be arriving soon. Well, how bout it? The first three babies are here! They were born this week to Mama Radish.

Welcome Twilley, Zonka, and Galaxy! See them moments after birth getting cleaned up by their awesome Mom. OMG listen to 'em and those little tails, I can't even.

Later that afternoon, Mama Ginger brought three more sweeties into the world. In the description their human Hope writes,

"I am always amazed by how together they are right away! So this video shows them strutting their stuff at about an hour old!!!"

Just amazing and so stinkin' cute we can barely stand it.

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