There is a Republican bill in New Hampshire that would make playing girls sports, for those only born as girls.

According to the Concord Monitor the bill...

would ban transgender middle school, high school, and college students from participating in female sports, and impose sex verification procedures for those looking to join.

As you can imagine, there are passionate people on both sides of the issue. Those supporting transgender girls playing in girls sports, say it's the only opportunity to play. To make a transgender girl play on a male team isn't an option. Plus, if this bill passes, a doctor would have to examine a girl to prove she is a girl.



There was a packed hearing room where people for the bill said basically, it's only fair. Girls are built differently than boys and that the unfair physical advantage would keep some 'hard working female athletes from possibly a place on a podium, setting records or, possibly, college scholarships'.

But many also saw that allowing only biological girls to play on girls teams as discriminatory against transgender youth, and would erase all the advances transgender girls and boys have made.

There are also legal concerns with the bill that it could open the door to harassment or bullying and that the bill only applies to girls sports and not boys sports.

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